Masterpiece Academy (notes)

Topic: what it be better if ppl knew their perfect match by birth marks
Asked around peers
-Wanted experience didn't want to be tied down
-No perfect match guessing each day if you'll last
Every person has one birth mark someone will have the exact same one and will be matches
Does side of mark matter: no
Presentation style: talked and had an example

Ale did a good job, but I think she could have had a larger variety of resources. Considering she went first she did excellent! Way to go Ale.

Presented with blog
Changed her question: 3 days ago
Question to find closure
Related to Carrie fisher and mom
Broken heart syndrome: relates to older couples (usually)
Had examples of people who died of broken heart syndrome
When you give your heart to someone they have part of your soul. When they die apart of you dies
People know about the physical reasons for death but not physiological
Real cause isn't just murder but it's what's in yiur brain

What happens after you die
Asked for answers: reincarnation,
She believes in heaven, purgatory, and hell
When question was researched bible verses came up
Why do you believe in heaven: religion (catholic)
dolly lamic neuron: empathy
We want more

effects of music on brain
Gave memory of first time played instrument in 5th grade
Learning became easier
Transformation into "dope ass clarinet playing rock star"
Math became easier as she played music
Music did this but she didn't want to believe it
Sciency portion and less sciency portion
Sciency portion
music release chemicals: main chemical: dopamine: feel good chemical
Listening yo sad music when you're sad is a cathartic release and can help in the healing process
Cortosol: helps regulate stress levels
Oxytocin: trust or moral molecule helps connect with other: music makes us noticeably more generous
Musician brain is more symmetrical than non musician
Music encourages literal brain growth
Non sciency
increases happiness
These things were directly observed
Two little sister very happy and great students
Musical therapy
Alzheimer's: musical therapy proven to help more than any other thing
Henry Alzheimer's patient trouble with answering yes or no questions given iPod and everything improved
Music is a powerful thing

Why did you start band: music gas always been in her life
Sisters started in 5th other sister just enjoys and likes dancing
Knows how to play 5 instruments
Wants career in music but parents won't like it
Why let parents effect your passion: I'd she wants to study music video in college her parents will pay for it. She can do music as a side job not main career

Why does everyone hate Mondays?
Journal topic: Paloma depends on how weekend was. Felt really good on this Monday because of retreat. She loves Mondays
Lesley reminder of everything you have to do
Angel loves Monday bc does multiple sports bc it's beginning of week and gets to get in a lot of exercise
Society or social media influence peoples views on not only Monday but everything
Example of twitter memes
Chose topic bc a lot of us lack motivation
Video to change perspective on Mondays
Asked to reflect on video
Paloma you should appreciate it more because its a blessing to live another day
When she first came up with question it wasn't perception

A journey through my thinking of the impossible
Thought about limits: paradox
Shifted to running: something he has always done
People ask why do you run: my coach tells me to
Never thought he'd run: running for fun seemed impossible, but now he likes running
Running taught him when you find a passion you can do the impossible
Used example of kenyans
Elud KO change: interviewed: when did you find running as your passion: when I became a world champ.
Recently tried to do impossible: breaking 2 hour marathon
Magnus carlsen (Mozart of chess)
Video: guy played 10 people not looking at board
With passion you can go for the impossible
Found runners high
4:34 is record
4:39 is PR
Goal is to be league champ of cross country and track

Why do we laugh?
Because something is funny or we're happy
Eldrin: to give a message that since we're laughing we're having gun, we're having fun, we're fun
Have you tried watching try not to laugh videos can do it until sister starts laughing
Laughing is contagious
Laughing is a way to communicate
Before communicating through language communicated through laughter
Not only feels good but is good for your
Why did you change your topic: I like laughing also because so many people are anti-science and he didn't want to offend someone
I came late bc I was up late watching funny videos
Showed video

What would happen if I wasn't a twin?
Would I still have the same personality etc.
She's the oldest by 40 minutes
Yes they fight just because they shared the womb doesn't make them have an unbreakable bond
Twin is shy, awkward, thoughtful, sweet, autodidact: teaches themselves.
Can ppl really change: yes people gain new knowledge and act on new beliefs
Ex: alcoholics get sober and create new lives
Can't change someone who doesn't see what their mistake is
Can people change people: yes
Ex: someone important to you motivates you and makes you more positive or surrounded with negativity have negative lives
IG she wasn't a twin she would be bored and lonely bc. twin and her did everything together
Could make more friends
Would be an autodidact bc. what's the point in learning if her sister can teach her
Lesley likes how organized her presentation was and can relate
Do you finish eachothers sentences: yes sometimes
Is your twin your best friend: yes
What's the longest you have been apart: 2-3 days
Do you plan on going to college together: Gabi is more tech wants to go to cal poly, aabi is still figuring it out
Do you share everything: yes everything clothes, hw etc
Does your mom ever mix you up: yes she just just says abi Gabi
I wonder if I'm actually Gabi and we got mixed up

What are strategies to find good items at a thrift store
What's the definition of vintage: old, retro, classic
Been thrifting  for about 1 and a half year started because of a show
Two shows created a passion and hobby for her
80's is main reason why
A lot of celebrities have been influenced by the fashion culture back then
Interviewed a special guest
Showed video of interview
look through all the racks
Always look at the boys or men sections
Be aware of the discounts
Check price

How do I improve my memory?
Feels like can't remember something and frustrates him all day
First step: phycological, tell yourself you have a good memory
Lifestyle: eating better and healthier
Made us stand up and stretch: slightly improved memory 😂
Meditation: close eyes and go blank
Sleep: biggest improvement 4-6 hours helps with performance etc.
Mastering a new skill: instrument, language etc.: when you do stimulates your brain
Numonic devises
Laughing helps
Presentation tied into everyone else's