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Sick and Tired or Tired and Sick

Right now I'm at a point where my nerves are so high that they are making me feel physically sick. Even though to most people class president is just a dumb title, to me it is so much more. To me class president is the opportunity to bring our class closer and create a bond through events, activities, and fundraisers. It's the chance to create something that makes others happy (prom). I want to be class president, and I know I have a great chance at winning, but the idea of not winning is making me nauseous. I feel overwhelmed. As I sit in my chair appearing cool, calm and collected, inside I am frantically panicking. Inside it's like an elementary play ground at lunch the day after Halloween. Ugh is all I can say.

Masterpiece Academy (in the making)

In order to get a better grasp on my question I surveyed a variety of people. They were all around the same age, but were all from completely different backgrounds. I asked them about the time they were most hurt and if they were close to the person who hurt them. All were hurt by someone they considered close to them. I also asked if they had been hurt badly by someone who they weren't close to. Most said no, but there were a few who had been, but they did not consider the pain they felt as bad as the pain they felt in the first situation.
So why is this? Thus far I have decided the relationships we create are the platform of the pain we experience. The closer you get to someone the more they'll hurt you weather it's intentional or not. To present my information I have started a PowerPoint, and will be adding extra features to it to enhance the point I am trying to prove.

Masterpiece Academy (notes)

Topic: what it be better if ppl knew their perfect match by birth marks
Asked around peers
-Wanted experience didn't want to be tied down
-No perfect match guessing each day if you'll last
Every person has one birth mark someone will have the exact same one and will be matches
Does side of mark matter: no
Presentation style: talked and had an example

Ale did a good job, but I think she could have had a larger variety of resources. Considering she went first she did excellent! Way to go Ale.

Presented with blog
Changed her question: 3 days ago
Question to find closure
Related to Carrie fisher and mom
Broken heart syndrome: relates to older couples (usually)
Had examples of people who died of broken heart syndrome
When you give your heart to someone they have part of your soul. When they die apart of you dies
People know about the physical reasons for death but not physiological
Real cause isn't just murder but it's what's in yiur brain


My New Big Question

So as I talked about my big question in class today, it didn't really interest me anymore. This led to deep thinking, and I have come up with a new big question. My new big question is 👇

Often times we are hurt by the people we are closest to; it's never strangers or acquaintances that hurt us, but the people we care about most, so my big question is, "Why is it that the ones we expect the most from and care about the most are always the ones to hurt us, or why do we hurt the people we care about the most?"