Masterpiece Academy (in the making)

In order to get a better grasp on my question I surveyed a variety of people. They were all around the same age, but were all from completely different backgrounds. I asked them about the time they were most hurt and if they were close to the person who hurt them. All were hurt by someone they considered close to them. I also asked if they had been hurt badly by someone who they weren't close to. Most said no, but there were a few who had been, but they did not consider the pain they felt as bad as the pain they felt in the first situation.
So why is this? Thus far I have decided the relationships we create are the platform of the pain we experience. The closer you get to someone the more they'll hurt you weather it's intentional or not. To present my information I have started a PowerPoint, and will be adding extra features to it to enhance the point I am trying to prove.