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Lovely Vocab

theme: main idea of a text

tone: attitude of writer towards a subject or audience

mood: feeling PR vibe brought to reader through words or descriptions

diction: word choice or a style of speaking that a writer, speaker or character uses

syntax: how chosen words are used to form a sentence

syllogism: simplest form of argument using truth and validity

stupid: willful ignorance of new or disinant information

adumbrate: forshadow or represent

apotheosis: the highest point on the development of something

ascetic: a person who practices severe self discipline and abstinence

bauble: a small showy trinket or decoration

beguile: charm or enchant (someone) sometimes in a deceptive way

burgeon: begin to grow or increase rapidly

complement: a thing that completed or brings to perfection

contumacious: (especially of a defendents behavior) stubbornly or willfully disobediant to authority

curmudgeon: a bad tempered or surly person

didactic: intended to teach

disingenuous: not candid or sincere


Off To A Great Start

My satire project will be great; I promise. I will be discussing the social issue of stereotypes. Do not get offended with the great amount of sarcasm I will be using. This project will be appropriate and understandable by sophisticated 5th graders and up.
I hope you all enjoy it and take what you can from it.

The Laughing Heart

I apologize for the faces I make but this is my recital of "The Laughing Heart" by Charles Bukowski

What the Soul Needs to Hear

No, you are not perfect
Neither am I
But we are worth it
As long as we try
Some days the world will be seem dark
But youll always have a little light in your heart
You are amazing
You can do anything

This is somewhat my version of "The Laughing Heart" that is what i translate it to. The poem isn't just words; it is a group of words that guidr you to who you really are.

Do You Really Have the Right to Your Opinion?

What is the truth behind the statement "I have a right to my opinion"? The truth is that statement is merely said to save people from looking like an idiot. That statement is said when someone realizes they are wrong. You can say you have the right to anything, but in reality your rights are very limited. If you have the right to your opinion than i have the right to one million dollars. What I am saying is if you are wrong in an argument don't make yourself look like an idiot by saying "I have the right to my opinion" acknowledge that you are wrong and respect the correctness of the other person.
This was written in response to

Welcome To Freedom

Welcome to a world of freedom. Here will be written the things the mouth are unable to speak. Here you and I will be free in a world where everyone is mentally confined. My goal here is to heal the hurt and voice the truth. Here you can escape. Here you can be free. Here we will conquer the darkness of the world with the power of our words.
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