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A Hug is Nearly A Gun Spelled Backwards

In my opinion personal relationships are a key ingredient to this mess we call life. Personal relationships provide a sense of peace and serenity. In the lives of many people patriotism is nonexistent; I didn't even know what it was until today. Lastly personal relationships are apart of being a human. It's in our biology; patriotism is not.
   Many times when things go wrong in our lives we run to family and friends. They comfort us when we are in need of comfort. When we are hurting deep down inside, patriotism wont do anything for us, and what you believe in will not fix your broken heart. Sometimes people just need to know they're cared about, so let's be real, you can care about your country as much as you want, but it will never care about you. Some people may argue that when they think about their country it makes them feel better, but in reality this country is not even comparable to how your loved ones pick you up when you're down. In my opinion thinkin…

The Struggle

I'm so sad. I am in the last paragraph of my essay, and now I have writers' block.

Mistakes for President

In the presidential debate tonight I observed many fallacies. For example Hillary about Trump, " Donald has consistently insulted Muslims abroad". When she made this statement it was distracting from her argument and highlighting faults in Trump. When she did this it led me to believe she didn't have anymore hard evidence to back up her argument, so she turned to insulting her opponent. Another fallacy I saw in the presidential debate was when Donald directed his comment, "That was a mainstream assumption, put out by her". To Hilary. When he did this his credibility decreased, not that there was much to begin with. When he made that statement he played the finger game. He pretty much said "no that's her fault she did it not me". When he made that statement I saw him as a child; not a presidential candidate. The final fallacy I saw in the presidential debate was when Hilary said, "policy of the united states, democratic and republican, is to d…

Sometimes My Mind Wonders

Why do our parents expect so much of us? They expect things that they couldn't accomplish. If they couldn't do it why do they expect us to be able to?

My Yoda

An ideal mentor is not someone who is perfect; in fact it's the exact opposite. An ideal mentor is someone who is everything buy perfect. Someone who has gone through tough times. An ideal mentor is going to be your number one fan. They will push you when you are positive you can't go any further or do any better. An ideal mentor you will hate at time because they are going to push you to your limits and push all your buttons even the ones you didn't know you had. An ideal mentor will be there to comfort you, but will put you in uncomfortable situations that they know you can handle. Pretty much an ideal mentor is someone who will be there for you, but will push you when you can't do it yourself. They are your guide down your rocky path you call life.

Lovely Vocab part four

adroit: clever or skillful in using the hands or mind

amicable: having a spirit of friendliness

averse: having a strong dislike or opposition to something

belligerent: hostile and aggressive

benevolent: well meaning and kindly

cursory: hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed

duplicity: deceitfulness

extol: praise enthusiastically

feasible: possible to do easily or conveniently

grimace: an ugly twisted expression on a persons face

holocaust: destruction or slaughter on a mass scale

impervious: unable to be affected by

impetus: the force of energy with which the body moves

jeopardy: danger of loss, harm, or failure

meticulous: very careful and precise

nostalgia: sentimental longing for the past

quintessence: the most perfect or typical form of quality or class

retrogress: go back to an earlier state typically a worse one

scrutinize: examen or inspect closely and thoroughly

tepid: showing little enthusiasm

Wait On It

Why am I investing so much time into something that will never matter?
 I don't care about the American Revolution or who beat the Spaniards what I care about is my future and my success
 but here I sit raising my hand in this desk
what I learn this year is shit
what matters to you is that my name is ranked number one on a list
a list of people who all feel the same as I do
 mentally confined longing to learn something new
 right now you expect me to sit down shut up and listen to what you have to say
but when I graduate I'm expected to make choices for my life every single day
my work must be perfect if I want to turn it into you
 should I require you standing up there to be perfect too?
I know it's not your fault you just do what you're told
 but this common core shit is really getting old
I'm sick of school but then again I want to be successful
so I'll sit here and I'll shut my mouth but watch, one day I'll be something special

*this is not directed…

My Big Question

Why do we invest so much time in something (school), that soon will not matter?

Lovely vocab part three

catharsis: the process of releasing strong repressed emotions

taboo: prohibited or restricted by a social custom

sordid: scandalous, sleezy,

swindle: use deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions

frivolous: not having any serious purpose or value, not necessary

inadvertently: accidentally

incendiary: designed to cause fires

jargon: special expressions or words that are used by a particular profession or group and are hard for others to understand

colloquialism: a word or phrase that is not formal or literary (a word used casually, probably slang)

archaism: a thing that is very old or old-fashioned (a word that is no longer used often)

cudgel: a short thick stick used as a weapon

egregious: really, really, really bad

anesthetize: deprive a feeling of awareness

euphonious: pleasing to the ear

scrupulous: right minded, careful

perverted: having been distorted from its original course

superfluous: unnecessary


slovenly: messy and dirty

provocation: anything that provoke…

Lovely Vocab Part Two

intercede: intervene on behalf of another

hackneyed: (of phrase or idea) lacking significance through having been overused

approbation: approval or praise

innuendo: an oblusive or orblique remark or hint

coalition: an alliance for combined action

elicit: evoke or draw out

hiatus: a pause or gap in a sequence

assuage: make less intense

decadence: luxiorious self indulgence

expostulate: express strong disapproval

simulate: raise levels of physiological or nervous activity

jaded: lacking enthusiasm

umbrage: offense or annoyance

prerogative: a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class

lurid: vivid in color to create an unpleasantly harsh or unusual affect

transcend: be or go beyond the range or limits

provincial: of or concerning a province of a country or empire

petulant: childishly sulky or bad tempered

unctuous: excessively flattering

meritorious: deserving reward or praise

Literature Analysis Fail

I am unable to answer the literature analysis question due to the fact that I am only ten pages in. I have now had a couple of weeks, but these couple of weeks have also had me. I can guarantee I will try to finish, but for now it is a work in progress that is far from complete.