'Tis the Season to be Happy, but I'm Not

 Christmas is tomorrow, yet that sentence doesn't give me any excitement. Like of all times my life decides to be a mess now, the holiday season. Everyday I am asked to quit the one of two activities that makes me happy, basketball. Like what the hell dude?? "Basketball won't take you anywhere.", "think about the time you spend at basketball, you could be putting towards academics.", "you should focus on track; in track height doesn't matter.", "if you were a few inches taller you might be able to go somewhere." Like ummm hellooooo, how about the simple fact that basketball and writing are legit the only two things in this world that actually make me happy? How about the fact that without basketball I probably would have been a lost cause by now? How about the fact that through every change in my life, basketball has always been there, and never changed or given up on me? I can't quit. If I were to quit it would be like harry potter giving up magic..... It just wouldn't work. I've taken a break from basketball, but I have never quit. Just writing about quitting legit has me in tears. If I quit I will be miserable, but won't be harassed everyday. If I don't quit I will constantly be ridiculed.  It's mind boggling how someone can take something that obviously makes you happy and try and take that away.