Behind the Smiling Face

Why continue with life? Many people ask themselves this question everyday. They give themselves an answer that seems satisfying, but little do they know.... Every answer they give themselves ties into one. They believe deep within themselves that they have a chance to be successful. They believe deep within themselves that they have a greater purpose. They believe deep within themselves, that there is more to them than the emotional wreck that stares them in the face. So they wipe their eyes and paint a picture for society that seems nice, while their soul searches for the answer.
 This person could be your best friend, your mom, your cousin, it could be anyone, and you'd never know it. People have become accustomed to hiding what they really feel and what they truly long to say. Painted on emotions hide what truly lies within. They're okay. They're not hurting. They're happy. At least that's what they are to us. They know endurance is what it takes. Endure the pain. Endure the anger. In our eyes they can endure forever, they will never break. Little do we know they're already broken. Their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, are just images they have painted for us. So many people beside them, yet they stand alone. They laugh. They smile. They play the part. But what lies deep within their souls, we will never know.
Take the time to care. Go a little further. Be that source of comfort. Everyone needs someone, yet some have no one. And that, that just isn't right.
By yours truly: Cerenity Watson