Nobody Cares, Work Harder

Teachers don't care that you were up until 3 am completing the assignment; they care that it isn't perfect
Your boss doesn't care that your babysitter flaked; they care that you're late
Your coach doesn't care if you make every free-throw in practice; they care that you missed the one in the game
No matter how hard you try or what excuse you have, in reality nobody cares.
If you want better, you have to try harder.
If you don't try, you're guaranteed to fail.
If you try, and you fail, nobody is going to be there to pick you up and tell you it's okay.
You have to do it yourself.
You have yo be your own number one fan, because in reality even the ones who applaud you cringe at the sound of your success.
No it won't be easy; get that out of your head.
Life will knock you down time after time, and nobody will care
"Why don't you just give up?", "haven't you learned your lesson?", "you can't do it". You'll here it every time you're down.
"Because I'm not done yet", "yes and now I have to try a different way.", "watch me." Say it every time you get back up.
Nobody cares, work harder, and you will be successful.