Wait On It

Why am I investing so much time into something that will never matter?
 I don't care about the American Revolution or who beat the Spaniards what I care about is my future and my success
 but here I sit raising my hand in this desk
what I learn this year is shit
what matters to you is that my name is ranked number one on a list
a list of people who all feel the same as I do
 mentally confined longing to learn something new
 right now you expect me to sit down shut up and listen to what you have to say
but when I graduate I'm expected to make choices for my life every single day
my work must be perfect if I want to turn it into you
 should I require you standing up there to be perfect too?
I know it's not your fault you just do what you're told
 but this common core shit is really getting old
I'm sick of school but then again I want to be successful
so I'll sit here and I'll shut my mouth but watch, one day I'll be something special

*this is not directed to any teacher, but to the school system.


  1. This is a powerful reminder that all of us students and teachers are human beings first. Thanks for posting.

  2. Cerenity, I read your post Friday before I crashed out and knew I had to respond to this. I even had in my notes 'Comment to cerenity's Post.' And here I am doing just that. You said it all and I like how what you say here pertains to your big Question, to what Dr. Preston speaks about what is urgent and what is important/special to oneself, and essentially how every student can relate to this. Excellent Job!


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