Behind The Smile

*This is not based on me, but was inspired by a girl's story I watched on YouTube.

Behind The Smile
Painted on faces hide those dangerous places.
The places she runs from, NEVER looking back.
Because it's easier to smile and pretend she's happy for a while than to let them in where her brokeness hides, ashamed of what it has done.
Our eyes are wide open yet we are so blind.
we stare her in the face thinking she's fine
But she's not.
She feels so small, not even two feet tall
Belittled by the brokenness trying to shine through.
She asks herself a million times what do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
But the truth is, its a rhetorical question, she already knows the answer.
It's too late--- she's a ticking time bomb 3 seconds away from combustion.
Standing in the mirror she faces her best friend, her enemy
An emotional train wreck who's whisper screams so loud, not even the deafening beat of her heart can drown it out.
End it already.